Gwen grew up cooking with her mother and has enjoyed honing the skill ever since.  She loves to experiment with new recipes and has to remind herself to revisit tried and true favorites from time to time!  She doesn’t care for shellfish and has fructose malabsorption which means she scours labels for any mention of high fructose corn syrup and you won’t see many recipes using apples, mangoes or dried fruits.  She switched to a protein forward way of eating in early 2014.  Gwen loves having two willing guinea pigs in the house who are happy to try out anything she is interested in serving, not to mention friends and family that pop their heads, and stomachs, in from time to time.  Gwen has a cookbook addiction, is always happy to get more cookbooks, views cooking as a great hobby, and will never claim to be a Photographer, Food Stylist, or a Chef.

Art is Gwen’s sous chef.  He didn’t cook as a kid but, after years of Food TV and Top Chef, he has fostered an interest in knife work and other prep skills.  Even when he is not actively helping he enjoys keeping Gwen company.  Art has no food allergies but avoids all seafood unless it is in sushi form. He has also become the grillmaster of the household.

Lance pretty much just enjoys eating and does an amazing job of helping with the most important part of a meal – clean up.  While he doesn’t have much experience in the kitchen beyond cutting bread, he’ll try anything Gwen makes.  Lance has a potential nut allergy and oral allergy syndrome of the birch pollen variety.

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