Bacon – I tend to use 12 oz. packages of center cut bacon whenever bacon is called for.  I feel that 12 ounces of center cut bacon is an acceptable substitute for 1 pound of regular bacon.  Edit: I've switched to local bacon whenever possible, it's lower in fat than regular grocery store bacon and so much tastier. 
Broth/Stock – Since I don’t make my own stock or broth, my preference is Kitchen Basics for Beef, Chicken, and Vegetable. 
Butter - Unsalted unless otherwise noted. 
Chicken - It is my family's preference to mainly use boneless, skinless chicken breasts.  In most recipes boneless, skinless thighs could easily be used instead based upon your own preference.  The breasts I get tend to come in packs of three or four. 
Chocolate – I tend to stick with Ghiradelli chocolate. 
Cow and Other Meats – Whenever possible, cow and pig is humanely raised, grassfed (or mostly grassfed), and local. 
Eggs – Unless otherwise noted, eggs tend to be large, although variance is allowed for given the nature of sizing eggs fresh from the farm. 
Fat – I opt for 2% cheese when it's available, light sour cream, and other lower fat options in the realm of dairy.  However, and this goes for all foods, I tend to avoid "fat free" like the plague as it normally comes at the cost of added sugars.  Fats are good for us in moderation.  
Flours – I prefer King Arthur Flours when available.  Unless otherwise noted, flour used in recipes is All Purpose. 
Garlic – Garlic cloves are assumed to be about 1 teaspoon each when minced.  If using particularly large or small cloves, adjust clove count as necessary.  If you have the choice, I recommend Music variety garlic.  I store mine in the freezer since I get it in bulk during the market season. 
Milk – Unless otherwise noted, I tend to use 1% milk.  
Oil – Unless otherwise noted, I tend to use extra virgin olive oil.  Even for baking things like banana bread.  It tastes fine, really!
Pasta – Unless otherwise stated, or unavailable, I recommend dried pastas and tend to use Barilla. 
Vegetables – Recipes assume that all vegetables are properly washed.  
Wine – My preference is for wine from Ménage à Trois.  Appropriate, eh?

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