Earlier in the year I found out that the Reduced Shakespeare Company was coming to town to “do” Hollywood.  I’ve seen them do Shakespeare, abridged both in London and in Philadelphia, so this seemed like a chance too good to pass up.  (Lance is a movie buff so he and I see quite a lot of movies.  Recently we’ve even finished IMDB’s top 250 list!)  I asked my parents and Brian if they’d be able to join us, bought tickets, and then life got away from me.  I knew that I needed to make pre-show dinner reservations but I kept thinking about it at the wrong times and getting distracted at the right times. 

The week prior to the show (which was AMAZING, by the way), my mom asked where we were going for dinner and I realized I still needed to make reservations!  Pickings were slim for “restaurants between the Kennedy Center and the Metro station” that had 5pm reservations available.  In fact, I got to choose between two places.  DISH seemed to be in a better location for walking, so DISH it was! 

For a last minute reservation with slim pickings, I believe I chose well.  Even if I’d had the choice from 50 restaurants, DISH would have been the correct choice.  The food was fantastic, the service was great, and the atmosphere was cozy.  It was a grand dining experience and the proximity to the Kennedy Center was perfect! 

breadWe started out with bread.  Well, everyone else started out with bread.  I skipped it because I didn’t want to fill up before the food came.  Everyone else loved the bread, though, and the grainy slices on the right were particularly enjoyed.











Art, Lance, and my mom all got this mixed green salad.  It had blood oranges and pine nuts and goat cheese and all sorts of yumminess.  The portion size was great and it was enjoyed by all three of them. 









Brian and I both got the gazpacho with grilled shrimp.  I believe this is the first time, as an adult, that I’ve ordered something with shrimp of my own free will.  (I OD’d on shrimp as a child and have loathed them ever since.)  I ate them, and the gazpacho, and then had to prevent myself from licking the bowl clean.  The flavors in the gazpacho were lovely.  This is a great dish to order during tomato season. 








My dad went with the Caesar salad which certainly smelled and looked delicious.  Since he finished it all, I’m assuming that it was delicious! 









My mom ordered the crab cakes for her entrée.  They were served with a butter sauce involving capers and a small pile of veggies.  I knew one of my parents would order crab cakes – where better to get them than in the Maryland area?  She greatly enjoyed them. 









Continuing in the realm of seafood, Brian ordered the scallops.  They were served over risotto with a lemony butter sauce and, from my side of the table, they looked very large.  Brian thought they were fantastic without a trace of sandiness that scallops can sometimes have if not prepared and cleaned properly.









I knew that Art was going to order this as soon as I saw it on the menu.  Homemade tagliatelle with Italian sausage and a creamy tomato sauce.  He tried to give me a taste but I was all the way on the other side of the table at the other end and I predicted disaster as that fork was passed.  He, however, gobbled up every bite and joked about ordering seconds.  He liked it so much that he wants to go back just to order it again. 








I ordered fish. I’m 99% sure that this is swordfish and I’m 100% sure that it was amazing.  The sauce was that same lemony butter sauce that Brian and my mom got and there were greens and, I believe, a grain under the greens, but I’ve since forgotten what the grain was!  I must take better notes next time, or a photo of the current menu, or something.  The fish had a great texture and was grilled magnificently. 








Lance and my dad both ordered the flat iron steak.  It was served with thin roasted fingerlings, a vegetable medley, and a great and tasty sauce.  The meat was perfect – super tender and super flavorful.  I got a taste of Lance’s and it was fantastic. 








Lance and my dad also both had the molten chocolate cake.  Every restaurant these days seems to have one, not all are good, but this one was exceptional.  It was served with vanilla ice cream and a strawberry. 









Art ordered the key lime tart and, sadly, I think he’s decided to forgo key lime desserts in restaurants in the future.  They’re his favorite, but they’re so hit or miss that it’s just not worth it.  This one was a miss – it wasn’t nearly tart enough for Art’s tastes.  I guess this means I’ll need to make him one in the not too distant future. 








None of the desserts really called to me, but I asked about the ice cream.  Not only was it Haagen-Dazs, but they had a flavor I’d never even heard of – cinnamon.  So I got a scoop and I’m so glad I did!  The cinnamon took a moment to hit and then it was just bite after bite of cinnamon goodness. 









I would definitely eat here again and, in fact, I’ve already made reservations for a pre-Wicked meal in July!  The service was great and friendly, all six of us had a great time.  I ended up just passing the camera around the table and letting everyone take a picture of their own food – this seemed to work very well and efficiently. 

I highly recommend DISH if you’re in the area for a show at the Kennedy Center, or just in the area in general.  It’s a very short walk from the Foggy Bottom Metro station. 

Total price: Unknown since my parents treated! 

DISH + drinks (at the River Inn)
924 Twenty-Fifth street NW
Washington D.C.. 20037

Phone: 202.338.8707

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