Menu 4/19/2015

  1. white chicken chili, slow cooker chicken, rice
  2. grilled steaks, lentils and mozzarella caprese
  3. breakfast for dinner (eggs, hash browns, bacon or sausage)
  4. slow cooker bacon garlic short ribs, baked potatoes
  5. leftover night
  6. chicken, jar sauce, rice
  7. smoked bottom round roast, as sandwiches

I have a LOT of cow in my freezer right now.  But no ground beef.  I've got a lot of big roasts and a lot of steaks.  There are also some briskets and, of course, the pork belly that has been in there for forever.  There's a random teeny single whole chicken.  The problem with roasts is that I can really only do one a week otherwise the leftovers will go to waste.  I think we'll be getting another 1/2 pig in two months or so, which will give us a nice injection of different meat.  

The short version is that I really need to start working on using up the meat in the freezer so that we can replenish.  But I also don't want to have cow 7 nights a week.  

Menu 4/12/2015

  1. one skillet paleo Mediterranean chicken, roasted potatoes
  2. oven baked sesame chicken thighs, stir fried veg
  3. skillet chicken with bacon and white wine sauceBrussels sprouts and mushroom gratin
  4. me in PA
  5. leftover night
  6. TBD
  7. out in DC

Finally meal planning again.  Sheesh.  I've had a challenging time of things during the month of March.  I've been back and forth to my parents' house every week and I haven't been cooking at home or meal planning at home.  I'm hopeful that the tide is turning and I can get back to those things now.  

The meal plan isn't totally complete, but it's a start and that's better than nothing.  

Menu 2/15/2015

  1. swedish meatballs x2, egg noodles
  2. spinach bacon salad x2
  3. slow cooker creamy tortellini soup x2
  4. baked chicken breasts with parmesan-garlic crust x2, tomato basil mozz salad
  5. G: out of town – A to make pasta with sausage, basil, and sundried tomatoes
  6. G: out of town
  7. G: out of town

Lots of doubling of recipes this week since I'll be out of town and want to do my best to make sure the guys have plenty of food to eat while I'm gone.  I've also had some challenging days recently, so cooking larger amounts on the days that I can cook seems wise.  

I've got a ton of spinach that I need to use which is why I've planned meals 2 and 3.  Whatever doesn't get used in those recipes will get frozen for another time, since I think we'll be sick of spinach by then.  

I've been going through my old recipe posts for meal planning inspiration recently, it's been fun and it really makes me want to get back to posting recipes!  I need to make this a Friday evening thing during our Family TV Night since it'd keep my hands busy but not be super distracting.  

Menu 2/8/2015

  1. chipotle
  2. lasagna soup
  3. slow cooker parmesan chicken, pasta for the guys
  4. grilled steaks, slow cooker cheese bacon ranch potatoes out
  5. leftover night
  6. tandoori chickenindian potatoes with peas
  7. out at friends'

Art asked to grill this week, so we're hoping that the forecast will hold true for Wednesday's dinner to allow for that.  Grilling in the cold, and even dark, is one thing, but when there's snow and rain?  Nope!  So I try to plan grilling nights around the weather when possible.  

Some new recipes this week, some old recipes too, hopefully it'll be tasty stuff.  

Menu 2/1/2015

  1. stuffed salmon with sriracha cream sauce, rice
  2. butter poached tilapia, rice
  3. cod with lemon caper cream sauce, rice
  4. tilapia piccata
  5. leftover night
  6. chicken sancoche x2, rice
  7. breakfast for dinner – cheese mushroom bacon omelets, hashbrowns

Art is out of town for the first part of the week which means I'm cooking ALL THE FISH.  Very exciting.  Lance and I love fish.  Yum.  Sadly it's also all the rice, but oh well, sometimes that's the way meal plans turn out.  I tried to replace one of the instances of rice with pasta or potatoes, but it just didn't seem like it would work with any of the recipes.  Good thing Lance loves rice, eh?  

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