Menu 1/8/2017

  1. slow cooker cassoulet
  2. double-trouble meat loaf
  3. leftovers
  4. grilled pork tenderloin, sweet and savory mustard sauce
  5. FFS
  6. FFS
  7. FFS 

I had initially picked a different cookbook but then I realized that I’m going to be out of town this weekend which means no cooking, and the nights I will be cooking are protein-only nights so 4 hour “braise forever” recipe aren’t well suited for the nights I’ll be cooking!  I changed from my initially selected cookbook to Michael Symon’s Carnivore: 120 Recipes for Meat Lovers.  I’d already started going through this cookbook and putting post-it tabs on the recipes that looked interesting.  Pretty sure I tabbed 80% of the recipes in the cow section.  Meal #1 is a holdover from last week as I didn’t take into account my lack of desire to cook after emptying the kitchen for painting.  Oops.